Sunday, February 10, 2013

C4T Comments for Teachers - Project #3

Post #1: Mrs. Miller discusses her 2013 goals, and how she is prepping for the upcoming school year. She is in Sydney, so at the time of the post she was wrapping up her summer vacation. Mrs. Miller is in her sixth year of teaching, and inspired me because she constantly challenges herself to grow. She firmly believes that social media is a must in the teaching community to keep educators growing, and learning new ways to teach.
I commented to let her know that I had been given her blog to follow for one of my college classes. I also was to let her know in my comment that I was inspired by her passion for teaching, and that I was looking forward to learning from her experiences. I gave her my email address along with the URL for my EDM 310 Blog.

Post #2: In Mrs Miller's next posts, A writing prompt to start the year, she discusses the importance of knowing her students names as well as who they are as people. Do help her learn everyone she opens the classroom up the first day by letting the kids ask questions about her. Once they feel comfortable with who she is, she flips the table and begins learning about them. She does this by writing an "About Me" paper. It sounded very similar to what Dr. Strange asked us to do for Blog Post #1. The coolest part about her "About Me" project is that she then has them put the papers in Wordle. Once this is completed, she can look at their Wordle to see if they use common words such as 'like', 'love', and 'also' too many times.
In this comment, I told her that I was going to use her Wordle project in the future, and that I was going to be posting a summary of her posts along with my comments. I again left her my email and blog addresses.

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