Sunday, February 10, 2013

Special Blog Post #1

Once I read Many Student Misinterpreted the Data in Did You Know I realized that I was one of those students. I did not keep my brain open, and rationally consider the actual population sizes of each country being discussed in the video. WolframAlpha is a really cool site that I have never heard of prior to this assignment. I will definitely refer back to it in the future.
When exploring for the answers for this blog post my eyes were open wide to just how small the United States is next to China and India. Of course, I already had general knowledge of this, but I was only focusing on the percentages being delivered in the video. As Dr. Strange put it, my brain was closed.
I compared soccer and football on WolframAlpha and found that they are very similar in energy expenditure. I liked how the website broke it down and showed me categories like oxygen consumption rate and fat burning rate. Football tends to be slightly more efficient when it comes to burning calories than soccer, but they are very similar. My second search was to compare dogs to cats. This was really cool, and it gave me a ton of different categories. It showed me maximum recorded life span, which I learned for dogs was 15 to 20 years, and cats can live up to 35 years.
WolframAlpha can be useful to myself, and my students, by providing another avenue to research. When I researched my topics WolframAlpha gave me categories I never thought about searching. I liked how it was detailed, and has no limits. I can envision using this resource to compare different wars, or people, in my future History classes.

Watching Gary Hayes Social Media Count blew my mind. We all know people live on the internet, but to see the actual numbers grow minute by minute is crazy. Technology is allowing us to teach globally, just look at the number of emails sent globally in one minute. It is amazing to see all of the doors the internet is opening for us. This tells me that I need to stay up to date with social media, and keep an open mind to teaching. I want to teach students in Baldwin County, and although that is where my future classroom will be physically located doesn't mean I can't open their eyes to other ways of learning across the world.

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