Sunday, March 31, 2013

C4K comments for March

Post #1:
This comment was for Matthew K., a 6th grader. His post was crazy unique. It was a novel type story, and he did an amazing detailed, and so creative. Prior to blogging, most kids didn't have an avenue to really share their creative ways with the world. I let Matthew K. know in my comment that I was completely into his novel and wanted to see what was going to happen next. He wrote me back and said that there will be a sequel. I think that is so awesome!

Post #2:
Sam M. was my second assignment. He wrote about a documentary regarding autism. Pretty cool assignment, and blog for middle school kids in GA. Sam M. was very sensitive in the blog posts, and you could tell they truly understood that people with disabilities in the documentary are not treated fairly. I think it's great these issues are being discussed with middle school kids today, and that they have an open forum, like blogging, to say how they feel. I commented and let Sam M. know that I liked the overall look of the blog and that he was doing a great job. His post made me want to watch the documentary. Pretty awesome work!

Post #3:
This comment was for Goldie, an 8th grader from Iowa. It still amazes me at how creative and different all of the kids blogs are- I love that have blogging in schools! Goldie told a little about herself, and expressed her interests. I commented to let her know that like her I loved sports, and could also relate to her because I am not much of a reader either. Very neat kid, and again, I love seeing the students having the outlet of blogging.

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