Sunday, April 21, 2013

Blog Post #13

I really liked Mr. Anderson's method of teaching, especially using "QUIVERS" to represnt the following:
QU- Question....this is the 'hook'
I- Investigate/Experiment
V- Video
E- Elaboration
R- Review Portion: meeting with small groups to make sure they understand
S- Summary/Review Quiz
Teachers that have a method, or formula, seem to be the most productive. This shows how much he has thought about the students; he isn't just going through a lesson plan. The one thing that really stuck with me was when he discussed probing questions, then said, "You can't really learn something until you can explain it to someone else." That is something I truly believe. Blogging about the videos, posts, etc that we are assigned has helped me to reflect on what I've learned and by summarizing it, I remember it. Blogging helps information to stick with me. Pretty amazing tool to have. His blended learning cycle was unique and well thought out. I was really able to relate to him and liked him even more when he was the first to admit that the video game method from the previous year didn't give him the results he wanted. I love that the internet allows us to share with others what has, or has not, worked. It helps give insight to other teachers.

Watch Brian Crosby, Agnes Risley Elementary School, Sparks, Nevada, Back To the Future
I really enjoyed Brian Crosby's YouTube video of his lecture. The one thing that really hit home with me was when he talked about how experiences trigger imagination, which makes learning/education better. I have several kids on my basketball team that have never been north of Bay Minette, east of Pensacola, or west of Mobile. They think the entire world is basically Baldwin County, and in their defense, it is their entire world. It's sad to see that because they are limited on their world views, thus limiting the way they see/treat people, thus limiting their education.
I hope to use technology in my classroom to connect with people across the globe. I would like to spark that interest in my students, as well as my team. Money is an object for us with basketball, but we are going to Birmingham this summer as well as Tallahassee. Hopefully these small experiences, along with technology in the classroom they will be able to see beyond Baldwin County.

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  1. I also really liked Mr. Anderson's idea. A true educator doesn't need a lesson plan to follow and can create their own methods of teaching. I also felt I was able to relate to his method. Great post!