Saturday, May 4, 2013

Blog Post #15


Changes I would make and why: When I started EDM 310 I never thought about what my classroom would look like, now I think about group work, project based learning, and being a teacher that supports her students, not one that lectures them. Today I think about having fun, creative blog post assignments that will allow my students to tell me what they think, or feel, about different times in U.S. History. I have learned that being given an avenue like blogging allows you to be creative and helps you learn. I want that in my classroom...we won't read to memorize, we will read to explore and discover.
My students will have the freedom to think for themselves and learn in their own unique way. I love the idea of doing a research-type paper with different sources; some blog sources, some virtual primary sources, and also finding professors/educators from around the globe to use as a source as well. This broad way of learning will help my students discover way more than they could have ever imagined. I do not want their noses in textbooks, I want them reaching out to become self-learners because it is such a liberating feeling. Creating and learning on your own is a feeling of strength and confidence that I want to share with my future students.

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