Sunday, February 24, 2013

Project #10- Finding the Right Tool

Finding the Right Tool

I found several tools that I would like to use in my classroom, but the two that stuck out the most to me (not to mention they are FREE), were Aviary, and BetterLesson. It is truly mind-blowing to see all of the online assistance available. If you search for it, you will find it...or you'll find something even better! The internet is full of knowledge, truly limitless.

Avairy allows you to do a wide range of editing and creating with any media. It seems quick and easy to operate. I would use this tool in my classroom to edit and choose which sections of videos,or audio clips, I wanted to incorporate. Then, I would use the edited information to create my History lesson plans. The edited information would allow my class to flow smoothly.
BetterLesson would allow me to connect with other History teachers all over the globe. This website would allow me to have a community of teachers to share and exchange lesson plans. BetterLesson allows teachers to connect with one another, and see what other ideas are being used.

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