Sunday, March 3, 2013

Blog Post #7

Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture

This lecture allowed me to see what an impact teachers have on their students' lives. We give them the tools, and avenues to reach their childhood dreams. What an awesome gift to have. I loved how Dr. Pausch never referred to his job of being a professor as 'work'. When you truly love what you are doing, then it doesn't feel like work. His enthusiasm is very contagious. I was mainly drawn to how honest he was about his journey. He was not ashamed, or embarrassed, by times he had not gotten what he wanted. He chose to use those 'brick walls' to allow him to separate himself from the people that didn't want it as bad as he did. His teaching method of 'head fakes' was awesome! As a basketball coach and a future teacher, that really connected with me.
I will definitely use Dr. Pausch's analogy with viewing setbacks as brick walls with my future students. When you don't get the answer you want, don't give up, find another way. You cannot give up on your goals if you get told 'No' at first. His life examples of working at Disney, and experiencing zero gravity were proof of this. I want to instill that in my students; the belief that anything is possible. Great things are not easy. You have to go the extra mile for them, and that's what makes them special. 'Brick Walls' are a part of life, it's how you deal with them that matters.
Another teaching method I would like to incorporate are 'head fakes' for learning. I will be more aware when I make my lessons plan in my future class, and make sure I have some 'head fakes' in there to teach my students life lessons. I was very inspired as a coach when he talked about what he learned from his football coaches. Although I'm teaching the sport of basketball, I hope my players leave with the understanding of what it means to be a good teammate, being on time, being accountable. All great life lessons, being taught as a 'head fake' through the sport.
My overall reaction to this lecture was a feeling of inspiration to touch as many lives as I can while I'm on this earth. Give opportunities to every student I have. Being a teacher, means being a guide, and role model for these young people. If we, as teachers, are enthusiastic about what we are teaching there won't be any limits to what they can achieve. Also, understanding that teachers are doing more than teaching a subject, that is our 'head fake', we must teach life lessons that will allow our students to maximize their full potential. Dr. Pausch has definitely left his mark on this world, what an amazing man and teacher.


  1. Sally, I admire you. I agree with you in like how he talks about in not being "work" or a "job" he does. If you love what you do then its easy to go to work everyday. I also admire you as a coach. Although I am not a coach I am a coaches wife and its hard not to let yourself get in the way. Failure is good and kids have to learn its up to us to guide them. I did not see any mistakes really. Keep up the great work. Good luck to you and your team!

  2. In the picture are you teaching them to do a head fake?

    The reason we include this video is to inspire you to bust through those brick walls, to raise the bars, to execute effective head fakes and much more. I know you will do these things when you are a teacher.

    Keep on learning!

  3. Sally,
    I agree with you Dr. Randy Paush was an inspiration to all. He had some very motivating stories to share. I will try the head fakes in the classroom as well. Great blog!