Sunday, March 3, 2013

C4K Summary for February

Week 1: Audrey
The first C4K post I was assigned was to Audrey's World History blog. I really enjoyed this post assignment because it was a reflection to how the world would have used YouTube in 1912. Definitely an assignment idea for me to use in my future History classes. Audrey did a great job in the post, and discussed the issue of equality, and how only white, rich, males would have been able to use YouTube. Very insightful. My comment complimented her for a great post, and let her know how much I enjoyed it.

Week 2: Nate F
Nate F's blog post was precious! It was a couple of sentences about his dog, Maggie. His blog was designed well, and it was amazing to see young kids being able to operate blogger like they are. Just further proves the way technology is being used in classrooms. I wrote a comment to Nate expressing my love for dogs as well, and told him that he was doing a great job.

Week 3: Bishop
I was assigned to a 10 year old's blog this week. His name was Bishop, and his blog is so colorful and fun to read. It was neat to hear about what a 10 year old in another country is learning. Bishop talked about a class trip he had taken and the assignment of taking pictures they were given. He also talked about rugby, a sport we don't play much in the United States. I let Bishop know that his post was awesome and I loved hearing about his adventures in school.

Week 4: Miranda
Miranda, a high school student, was my last blog assignment. Miranda's blog was very creative (like all of the others). I love that by designing your own, personal class blog, you get to express yourself. I think that blogging gives students a chance to think outside the box, and it allows teachers to learn more about their students. Each blog is different and gives you a glance into that students world. Miranda had a knack for music and plays the guitar. Now, if I was just her History teacher I never would have known this. I left her a comment complimenting her blog, and encouraging her to keep expressing herself because it's a beautiful thing.

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