Sunday, April 7, 2013

Blog Post #11

In the video Little Kids...Big Potential Ms. Cassidy's students talk about the use of technology in their classroom. It was very interesting to hear the kids talk about how they become better writers every time they blog. The students are also gaining a sense of how to respect the internet because they get the fact that when you put something on your blog, the entire world can see it. See also teaches something similar to Dr. Strange and that is understanding how to comment. These young students talked about how to leave proper comments for people, something we are learning at the college level thanks to EDM 310.

In Dr. Strange's Skype interview, Ms. Cassidy talks about how she uses technology in her classroom and the advantages of it. I thought it was extremely interesting to hear her talk about how she took five computers that were given to her through federal funding and she ran with it herself. Nobody taught her, she just got creative and dug her heels in to find different ways to use the computers on her own. She does have a technology coordinator in the division, which is a key to be successful when teaching with technology.
I would love to have a class blog in my future classroom. Although I'm learning a lot about posting and having a blog myself, I don't feel confident that I could start a class blog. I know there are several email addresses Dr. Strange makes us add so he gets emails when we post, but I'm not sure how I would organize or run my own class blog. That part makes me a little nervous because I do love the creativity that blogging gives students.


  1. "Nobody taught her,..." Think about that!

    "I don't feel confident that I could start a class blog." Why not? What would you do to get a basketball player who "did not know how to shoot 3s? practice. Do it! The same with blogging! I learn more every time we do it!

    Leaning Never Ends!

  2. Hi Sally!
    Can I just say that I think you have the coolest last name ever! I am a HUGE Derek Jeter fan so I think it is an Awesome last name! I thought your blog was well written. I only saw one error, where you put "See" and I think it was supposed to be "She". I think your experience in EDM310 will help you in having a classroom blog. You can always ask someone for help. Good job! Keep up the good work and Good luck for the remainder weeks in EDM310.

  3. Hey Sally! My assigned classmate has been having blog issues. This was a good post. There isn't much else I can add to the things that Dr. Strange and Jamie has said. Maybe you could play with blogs more by creating a personal one that deals with something you like. Don't doubt yourself and good luck!