Sunday, April 7, 2013

Summary Post C4T Teacher #3

Comment #1) The P.E. Geek website was the website assigned to me. I read the post on Gameification for week 1, left my comment, then tried to post it. Unfortunately I could not get the comment to post. Then, I couldn't even get the website to load. Yes, there are still some issues with technology.

Comment #2)- Tried again and left this post....I was given your blog to read by my college instructor, and I really enjoyed it- very creative and full of ideas. I wish more PE teachers, especially at the high school level would use some of your ideas. Thanks so much for sharing

Comment #3)- Mr. Robbo had a really cool post on Google Chrome & the the Google Chrome Store. There are several apps he uses as a PE teacher that help him. These apps are free and he can put them on his Google Chrome homepage. I had never heard of the Google Chrome Store and honestly never used it until EDM 310. I commented on much I learned about Google Chrome through the video he posted. It was really cool, especially for me, a newby with this web browser.

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