Thursday, May 2, 2013

Project #13

When I first found out we weren't always meeting in class and we had group projects due I was extremely nervous I was nervous mainly because I live in Orange Beach. I can't jump in my car and be here at any time. Then, through EDM I discovered Google Drive and how efficient technology could be for group projects. Our group, One and Done, rarely had to meet in person. We only did meet when we needed to film. Working through technology also allowed us to work at times best for us. We all work so our schedules are crazy. With Google Drive, emailing, and texting we were able to communicate constantly. This allowed us to stay in constant contact and keep up with where we were on the project. I believe our projects #15 and #16 were actually better because we had the freedom allowed to us by technology to work at our individual pace and not waste time commuting to and from campus. I personally work best in the morning, so I could get up while the other group members were sleeping, in class, or at work, and work on our projects. I loved that when I would wake up in the morning I could check our progress and see what everyone else had done over night. I was not pressed for time, and if it took me longer to do a part then it did one of the other members it was no big deal because we weren't sitting there face to face with limited time to complete specific assignments. Technology is such a huge asset, and I have really learned how efficient it allows us to be. FaceTime is something I use often to talk to my is also a great way to communicate and live chat, although I wouldn't recommend trying to use it while driving. Ohhhhh, and most importantly, I learned how to use the SmartBoard and how to compose an iBook. Both were very rewarding experiences.

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