Sunday, April 28, 2013

Last C4T Post

Research informed Practice in PE

This blog post was interesting because it focused on the importance of getting quality research via the internet. Most of the time you have to get researched documentations from libraries, but this blog gave other ways of getting the information. I commented to thank him for sharing his findings, and also thanked him for reminding us that getting the proper information is very important no matter what subject you are teaching.

Department Developments…

There was not a new post on the blog this week, so I went back and read Department Developments... It was refreshing to read about how their academic department was using technology, especially Google, to become more efficient. They also were thinking of ways to share their lesson plans with the world by using video recordings on their iPads. My comment thanked him for sharing his thoughts, and told him I loved the idea of keeping a file folder with all of your lesson plans video recorded. Then, you could go back and watch them, or even leave different information for substitutes.

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